TRICORE provides the basis for new, successful modes of working in which people, their health, and the environment all take centre stage.



flexible office and garage space


DGNB/ÖGNI – certified platinum






Seminar and conference rooms

approx. 700

parking spaces

Drinking water filters

1030 Vienna

TRICORE is one of the pioneers of sustainable office buildings in Central Europe and has been awarded the DGNB/ÖGNI platinum certification. As a designated “blue building,” it was designed for people’s needs and for the workplace of the future. In addition to the wide range of offers for companies and employees, the focus is on a comprehensively optimized CO2 balance, maximum energy and space efficiency and the lowest operating costs.

Groundbreaking measures such as groundwater cooling and heating through remote energy supply ensure excellent energy efficiency and lowest operating costs. With open drinking water dispensers and actively filtered, natural room air. TRICORE offers attractive office space for companies of all sizes.

TRICORE offers the highest degree of tenant orientation through a flexibility of space that is second to none. Designed for long-term use, public authorities and corporations as well as young teams feel at home in their office space. In addition, TRICORE offers additional conference and seminar rooms for flexible and creative use.

The highly flexible and intelligent floor plan of TRICORE supports dynamically changing work models and processes and thus contributes to the productivity and performance of companies as well as the well-being of each individual employee.

Companies appreciate the flexibility of the space, the high efficiency level that results and the community-building atmosphere that comes with a TRICORE office space. In this way, TRICORE contributes to the economic success of the companies located in the building and positions itself as one of the most attractive office buildings in urban locations.

TRICORE enables new work environments. Being far from rigid structures and open to new ideas, the entire building and its range of services are oriented towards the people working there on site and to their well-being and welfare. This creates space for creativity and innovation – the prerequisites for entrepreneurial success.

The TRICORE community puts inspiring cooperation, creativity and togetherness into practice in attractively designed communication and community areas – and all that in an interdisciplinary and cross-hierarchical fashion at the pulse of time.

TRICORE supports these refreshing gatherings by providing drinking water filters and open water dispensers throughout the building that make the nucleus of every life freely accessible.